Beltrame Philippe

Enseignant - Chercheur / Maître de Conférences

Capowiez Line

Animatrice Qualité EMMAH
Ingénieure en techniques biologiques.
Animatrice Qualité EMMAH.
Biochimie, Biologie Moléculaire.

Capowiez Yvan

Chargé de recherche INRAE.
Editeur en chef du journal Geoderma.
Associate Editor pour les revues "Ecotoxicology" et "Entomologia Generalis".
Ecologie et comportement des vers de terre.
Caractérisation de la macroporosité d'origine lombricienne.
Spécialiste des araignées et de leur rôle dans le biocontrôle des ravageurs en cultures pérennes.


CDD Post doc INRAE
Impact de l’apport de digestats de méthanisation sur les propriétés hydriques des sols et leur porosité.

Goussopoulos Juliette

Technicienne de la faune du sol.

Michel Eric

équipe DISCOVE
Animateur Equipe DISCOVE
Chargé de recherche, physique des systèmes colloïdaux et des interfaces.

Pelosi Céline

Directrice adjointe UMR Emmah
DR2 HDR Agroecologie, Ecologie du sol, Ecotoxicologie

Renault Pierre

Directeur Scientifique adjoint « Environnement »
Senior Scientist (DR2 HDR) - currently working on the fate of pathogenic human enteric viruses in the environment in relation to wastewater reuse and the discharge of insufficiently or untreated wastewater into surface water- Atttempt to set up systemic approaches and methodological developments via diversified collaborations- Gives lessons (about 50h per year) at Avignon Université and at the Institute of Technology of Avignon Université

Agronomist engineer initially specialized in "Science and Technology of Plant Productions" (INA-Paris-Grignon, 1984), I have obtained a PhD in "Mechanics" (INP-Toulouse, 1988) on gas diffusion in soil, then an HDR (UCB-Lyon 1, 2001) on the interactions between Transfers, Microbiology and Abiotic Geochemistry. Dedicated to the soil, some of my works have focused exclusively on transfers (heat conduction, Hg percolation, gas diffusion and convection), microbiology (dynamics and activity of denitrifiers ...) or abiotic geochemistry (CO2 distribution). However, most of them have dealt with the interactions between these processes: anaerobiosis, emission of greenhouse gases (N2O and, to a lesser extent, CO2 and CH4), mobility of metals (Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb ...) and radionuclides (79Se), mineral alterations (clays and oxides of Fe or Mn). My main researches led me to address other topics: root respiration, coated seed imbibition, 3D displacement of 60Co labelled earthworms, gas exchange in modified atmosphere packaging of fresh products, "Martian" exobiology .... Since 2009, I have worked on wastewater reuse, especially the environmental fate of human pathogenic enteric viruses, with a focus on the relationships between acute gastroenteritis epidemiology and viral contamination of surface waters. I am currently working on and modelling the environmental fate of human enteric human pathogens and I hope to combine such model with epidemic transmission model and quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA). I was the leador of the team "Combining transfers to biogeochemical cycles" from 1999 to 2007; I have supervised 11 PhD and I have actively participated in the supervision of 10 other PhD. Between 2014 and 2017, I was simultaneously scientific delegate at the French High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES (ex AERES)) and I organized the evaluations of 20 research units. Each year, I give about 50 hours of lectures and tutorials at the University of Avignon (Master I and Master II) and the University Institute of Technology in Avignon.

Reno Serge

Technicien de recherche.

Sammartino Stéphane

MCF Université d’Avignon UMR - Relation structures / écoulements dans les milieux poreux naturels ; approches expérimentales et imagerie des écoulements