Nouvelle publication de Dominique Courault DREAM

Nouvelle publication de Dominique Courault DREAM

"STICS crop model and Sentinel-2 images for monitoring rice growth and yield in the Camargue région"

The estimation of the area of rice production and the yields can provide an important information to governments and decision makers.

Scientists Courault et al, analyzed the use of new Sentinel-2 images acquired on the Camargue region in SouthEastern France to assess the rice production.

They show that the high resolution of images allows the monitoring of rice development and the identification of early and late rice varieties.

The combination of such data with a crop model is a promising method to map the variability of agricultural practices at territory level.

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Date de modification : 21 juin 2023 | Date de création : 05 octobre 2021 | Rédaction : V. Desfonds; D. Courault